Sunday, December 7, 2008

the heir and the heiress

this pic I've edited is one of my favorites...haha it's me and my sister Paris...(dream on)
uhmm I was just inspired by the manipulated pic of my friend polly... she manipulated her pic with Edward Cullen (twilight)... here's the URL...  very neat huh...  she's good in manipulating photos too...hehe....

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

heres an invite... LOL

uhmm I've made a sample Invitation for the b-day party of my two son's...haha (wow I'm now a dad..joke) uhmm I love this two boys very much... for me they are my little angels... uhmm as you can see I made it colorful because there smile's bring colors in my eyes..(haha) an I put barney in the middle because BARNEY is there favorite cartoon character(mascot) haha...

This coming december 21st is there b-day party.. OMG Im so excited... uhmm I'm a bit nervous because I don't know what to expect when that day comes...I think that there will be a lot of people... (shocks) but I know I can do it... I will just go with the flow,and I know everything will be just fine... (HOPE so)

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


uhmm here are some of my latest edited pics..

uhmm let's start from the top... it's me and my friend Thea.. haha this one is a stolen shot.. I think this was taken by my friend Mhay..
haha very naughty... 

the next pic is my friend ezra and mhay.. uhmm I was the one who took this picture... haha nice one... That time we were just wasting our time at the park... haha... because are prof. are not around that time,and our next class will start at exactly 2:00pm and it was just 9:00 am that time...

  The third you can see.. it's non-other than me...haha... uhmm I was the one who took this pic..and this pic was taken before going to the mall..  

and lastly...I'm with my childhood friend...her name is rose ann... haha... she's one of my loyal and closest friend in our place...she's a bit naughty when we were kids...uhmm now shes already 15 yrs. old (believe me or not)... uhmm I consider her like my little sis...and she also considers me as her big bro...haha...LOL... love her... =)

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Monday, December 1, 2008

for them...

Here are some of my manipulated pics..these are my friends that requested me to manipulate their here it is...all finished...uhmm for my other friends who requested their pic to be manipulated,and its not here,just wait...soon your pics will all be finish...always remember patience is a virtue... haha LOL 

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Naturally, I come across a multitude of Photoshop byproducts on a daily basis. But having been a user myself since high school, I also have this affliction of being able to immediately notice those horribly rendered works by some clueless graphic artist, perhaps a misspelling or two or maybe even pitiful attempts to enhance a photo to make the model look better or the shot appear awesome. These would often leave me laughing my lungs out until my sides hurt. The photoshop disaster blog shares these same sentiments, collecting horrid attempts at utilizing Photoshop and throws in a knee-slapping comment or two under each entry.

Here are a few samples. See if you can spot the obvious Photoshop fuck ups.

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Friday, November 28, 2008


It's been quite a while,and know this is my latest post.. another one of my manipulated pics.. uhmm Its just simple... uhmm btw this photo was taken by my friend MINA.... actually this is one of my stolen pics... I'm buying doughnuts when my friend took this photo of me... haha (very naughty)... uhmm I'm so shocked when I saw this picture at my I-phone...but when I look at it closely,many ideas popped out of my mind... "I want to edit this photo of mine"... for me this stolen shot of mine is not that bad...(AGREE??) haha LOL... So when I was editing this photo I put a dreamy effect on it...and I've also added some brushes so it will look more beautiful... Ive also added a logo of GUESS? there...(I put guess because I really want you guys to guess who's the guy looking back...haha LOL!!..but I think It's obvious that it's me because of my body...very fat!! haha lol) uhmm another, I really love that bag of mine.. when I first saw It,it gives me the feeling of (wanna buy that bag whatever happens even if I can't go home because I'm out of cash... haha LOL) but luckily it wasn't that expensive..haha... 

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

1st animated pic (so happy) if the animation is not working,just refresh it...

Photobucket Photobucket
OMG!! this is my first time to create an animation... uhmm it's kinda hard but I learned a lot of things by doing this animated pic...( my head hurts) hehe...uhmm one of the things I learned is patience... you should be patient when your doing animated pics... because one lousy can ruin your entire animation... uhmm second is learn to follow instructions... uhmm because while I was doing this animated pic I'm with my friend and he's the one who teaches me how to create an animated pic in photoshop... haha!!! thanks friend!! (luvyahh c: ) uhmm lastly learn to be creative..uhmm because If you're  not that creative you will have a hard time while doing such an animation.... haha... but mine is just simple because it's only a trial and ErrOr work.. I didn't expect that I could create such an animation...  

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"If the animation is not working just click the picture... or just refresh it"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

jhem jhem lantod!! hehe piz

uhmm this is my new friend Jhem, she is one of my closest friend in my new school.. (Echosera) haha..uhmm she's a naughty girl.. she loves to play pranks on me... haha (very childish)...
uhmm she might look rugged,but deep inside she's just a simple girl that needs love (wow arte)
PIZ jhem...

uhmm so my post ends here just want to show you my "RUGGED but REAL"  friend... JHEM

Monday, November 17, 2008

old friends, but still treasured

Uhmm I miss this guys so much... hehe!!! uhmm It's been a month and we never had the chance to see each other... I really miss them, they are my friends in FEU...uhmm all I can say  about them is that they are true to me and they
 accept the real me..(end of conversation)

 1st pic: from the top: jessa,kia,me,pau,toni,mau... 2nd
 pic:kia,me,pau,toni,mau,robert... this pic was so memorable to me
 cause they are my original barkada's in FEU... uhmm I miss them so much... this photo was taken by my friend robert and jessa atthe freedom park of FEU (you can do everything there thats why it is called freedom park) It's our tambayan (a memorable place to me)

 ok here's another pic!! this picture was taken at LRT2 
In the 1st pic: from the right: Irene,alyssa,erika,lara,kia,me and toni...
2nd pic:from the right: irene,alyssa,lara,me,toni...
3rd pic: from the right: actually the woman there is just "EPAL"...hehe(so rude) Erika,Kia,robert...

this pic was t
aken after we went to Antipolo to  attend a birthday party.. I really miss the old days...uhmm It was fun to go to Antipolo its like your going to baguio because the temperature there is there is cold..

this pic was taken at gate way... its the birthday of my friend pau...she treated us at pizza hut.. and I still remember while we are walking we saw chivas with his son.. I don't know the name of his son but he's so cute... maybe like father like son.. hehe.. 

this pic was taken after our exam... that's why I look so hagard in those pic!!! haha uhmm I still remember I'm so happy that time cause Its our last day of exam.. haha!! no more head aches!!

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joni's request

OK!!! this edited pic is again my friend Joni... she requested me to edit her pic..and put some colors in her hair.., I also used some brushes to make the pic more cute..and I put contact lenses and eye liner  in her eyes for her to look more  daring... 

tadah!! another edited pic again... uhmm if you want to comment in this pic just click the "comments" below this post... and if you have any suggestions just put it in my shoutbox you can see it in my side bar menu... okie okie!!!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

really love orange

uhhm this is my latest edited pic as of now...uhmm as you can see I've put some contact lenses.. haha.. uhmm I was just inspired by the manipulated pic of my friend.. haha.. I also colored my hair a bit make it a bit stylish.. (I'm so maarte,,LOL)

here's another's  my friend Joni again,,I just love editing her pic,because of her angelic face and puppy eyes... I've also colored her hair a bit bluish yet I've put some touch of purple..And I've also put contact lenses in her eyes and blush  in her cheeks  to make her more attractive...(wow) visit her blogspot at "" 

VOILA!! an edited pic has been created again.. UHmm if you want to put some comments just throw itin my shoutbox,,you can see it in the sidebar menu.. and if you want to comment about the pic,,just click the "comments" below my post...

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Friday, November 14, 2008


This girl is a friend of mine,her name is joni... she's the one who gives me the name gbabz,,(very naughty,,hehe)...Uhmm she's good also in manipulating photos (she's my IDOL.. wow) you can see her manipulated photos in her blogspot "" she is also an expert when it comes to drawing(talented!!).. BTW she's cute, but sorry guys this girl is already taken by my Friend KELVIN (back off)... (just look down and you'll see him in my blog entitled       "pain within" thats her boyfriend.. (PIZ)

Now let's talk about her pic,, I've manipulated her photo like it was somekind of a ghost..(hehe) uhmm I use some smoke brushes in editing her photo..and I put some gradient and clouds to add some spooky effect.. for me the effect fits her photo the way I want it to happen..

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love my baby... (jowk)

Uhmm this is my baby (jowk), he's only my god son..his name is stefan,but I call him sean..because for me that name of endearment is still a music to my ears... I love him so much, because he is my first god son.. I still remember the first day he was born.. I wanna hug him so tight but I'm scared that I might kill him (hehe).. He's so cute that time,,he's so small..he looked like a new born pup..(jowk jowk)., and as of now he's already three years old..he will turn four this december three..I'm so excited to celebrate his b-day..We will be celebrating his birthday in a resort.. but I'm still not sure where and what resort we will celebrate his birthday...Uhmm I'm a bit nervous cause I know that there will be many visitors and some of them are not my friends and I dont even know some of my godsons relatives,but I know I can do it,I will just go with the flow and I know that everything will be just fine,,.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

pain within

This is one of my friends In high school the name of this guy is kelvin.. I used to call him tasyo when we were in high school,,(hehe nice nickname huh)...Uhmm about him,,he's good in manipulating pictures and web designing..he's an expert when it comes to computer,,(naks!!)  He also have a blogspot..(

BTW lets talk about the picture,as you can see,I've styled the picture a bit dark because for me if I put a dreamy effect in the picture it wouldn't match his "face melting" look.. (wow).. I've put a snake there to add some drama in his pic,,  (the snake matches his pic nmn db??) and I've added some burns and bruises on his face to have some battered effect and for it to match the title "The Pain Within"... (it's nice nmn db??) 

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first impression's doesn't last...

Uhmm I was wrong.. I thought first impressions last,, It's about my school and my new classmates.. I thought that I was going to be OP (out of place) today in our school.. but then I was wrong.. my new classmates were so nice.. We chat,we surf the net,they even teach how to use the the Internet using my phone.. they were so nice.. A few hours ago in our NSTP class,we have no prof.,so I had a chance to know them much better.. we talked about our cute prof. (joke) and my other classmates (because some of them our irregular students, so some of there subjects are only available at our section..) BTW one of my irreg. classmates even looked like RIHANNA (the hollywood singer) that classmate of mine is a bit supladita "OMG".. because yesterday in our P.E class I'm smiling at her,but she just looked at me head to foot,, what a B*tch.. (sorry for the word) what a nerve wrecking girl... but then she's not the one who will ruin my bautiful day (she's not worth it),,ok going back to my classmates all I can say is "They prove me wrong.."

so my post ends here.. for my readers sorry for the unkind words that I have said..just showing the real me.. If you have some comments,just put it in my shout can see it in my side bar..okie okie..  

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

when she smiles...

This girl is one of my closest friend in "ALTA"( BTW alta is the name of our group in High school) she's  pretty right.. (of coarse she's a "Beauty queen") yup you heard it right a Beauty queen..."and a model also" so if you'r looking for Ms.right I think it's her.. PIZ tey =)

Uhmm about the pic I put a dreamy back ground..because for me her beauty  fits perfectly on dreamy  styles and designs...I've put some lights and I've adjusted the brightness in her picture because her original picture is a bit dark,and the bear that she's holding, fits right for her (they're both cute LOL)... and  about the quote that I put in her pic It's nice nmn db?? I got this quote from Kia (one of my friends in FEU) it says "fake smiles...They work" for me it means that "yes,we can see her smiling but,emotionally she's broken" haha!! agree???

I just grabbed the photo on her account on can see her on my account she's one of my featured friends..

what a busy and irritating day today

oh my Gahd.. I hate this's so boring.. My prof. are so... irritating..and my new class mates,They have there own barkadas and I feel so out of place when I'm with them...
I really hate "Tuesdays" maybe this day is not for me.. I hate them so much... I miss my peers when I was in High school... with them i CAN FEEL THE LOVE AND CARING i NEED...

Monday, November 10, 2008


This pic that Ive edited is for my Friend EDEN.. She's so emotional that time when she asked me to edit this pic, I think she's broken hearted that time..(so sad for  her :<) uhmm when I'm editing this pic I'm choosing what style should I use in editing this pic ( a dreamy style or an EMO) but then I realize that most of her pics are very "EMO" so decided not to put an EMO style.. I chose a dreamy style rather..uhmm but then it's pretty nmn db?? hehe...And about the quote that I put in the pic,,she's the one who made it.. (really nice isn't it..) 

and all I can say about her is... (She's the kind of girl that you shouldn't mess up with)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fab and Glam

This pic I've edited is for by best friend Ericka... because she requested me to  edit some of her photos,, she's still young when I took this photo of her,, actually this photo was taken when we went on sityo Lusia,( its a resort).. there is a simple story behind this edited pic.. uhmm take note of its design (flowers,butterflies and pins that are pinned together "huh?")... first the flowers, i put flowers because for me flowers symbolizes femininity,and beauty (she's beautiful nmn db?? hihi) next the butterflies,I put some butterflies cause for me butterflies symbolizes elegance because of how they fly and how they spread there wings ,, and I put some pins that are chained together because for me it symbolizes are bond as best friends, .. 

I miss her so much because  when we graduated in higschool we rarely see each other..
IMY bhestfriend..

half wolf,half human

Uhmm this pic I've edited is just inspired in the TV show in ABS CBN  which is called "LOBO"
it's about a girl that transforms  into a white wolf when it's full moon... blah blah...=) and BTW when I was editing this pic a question pops out of my mind "should I make myself like a wolf too" so I made some manipulation in my face... BTW I'm using adobe photoshop cs2 in editing my pics.. I used a clone stamp tool and copy some parts of the wolfs face and cloned it in mine...
VOILA!! I'm a half man and a half wolf.. LOL :)... And I put some quotes in the bottom "You have to know who you are.Get to know the monster that lives in your soul,dve deep inside your soul and explore it." for some reasons why I put that quote in my pic because neither I dont know who is the real GBABZ... (joke joke)

three faces

This is my First edited pic..Actually I dont have any idea when I was editing this pic,I dont know what designs should I put,What brushes should I use and what colors should I use... but then I remember something,and it gives me an Idea a "DOPELGANGER" I dont really know what it is but it can immitate you physically..scary isn't it? hehe =) thats why I came up with this.. very chaka haha because I'm just a beginner when i edited this pic.

its putol pla..
just look at the whole pic at my friendster account..
okie dokie =)